26th March (Sunday) 2023 – anyone called Lyn rides free!

lyn day at the Lynton and Lynmouth Cliff Railway

It’s Lyn Day and why we can’t promise Wonderful Woman Lynda Carter we can promise that anyone visiting Lynton or Lynmouth named Lynne, Lyn, Lyndon, Carolyn, Colin, Belinda, Lyndon, Caitlin, Lindsey, Linda, Lynda (or something close if you can convince us) travels FREE up to Lynton or down to Lynmouth Cliff Railway as our VIP guest all day. Do you know a Lynne? are you perhaps married to a Lin? is there somebody in your family called Lindsey? not you Loretta Lynne or Vera Lynn, close enough but not quite, first names only! – tag them on Facebook, and bring them along, how many Lynnes can we get in Lynton how many Lyns on the Lynmouth Cliff Railway! Dogs named Lynne allowed free too! Just bring a photo ID to claim your free Lyn travel – absolutely bonkers but yup, we’re not joking, this is a real thing!