Water and electric does mix!

Who said water and electricity don’t mix?


Lynton & Lynmouth Cliff Railway is powered entirely by gravity and natural river water extracted from the West Lyn. The attraction which carries just over 300,000 passengers per season requires no external power, pumps or additional machinery to move the two carriages up and down the 500ft cliff face. The lift works on a simple balancing principle with the weight of 700 gallons of river water proving temporary ballast before it is released back onto the beach and has operated in exactly the same way since it opened in 1890. The Lynton & Lynmouth Cliff Railway remains one of the UK’s most sustainable tourism attractions and also remains iconically green in colour too! Sustainable tourism is something that the company continues to promote and this is reflected in their decision to convert to a fully electric company van provided by the Barnstaple branch of Bristol Street Motors and install a charging location at the bottom station. The van, now fully sign written in company colours is used by staff for the necessary trips between the top and bottom station when managing the attraction and during maintenance.

Ashley Clarke, general manager said:

"The company understands its responsibility towards sustainable tourism and we considered that eradicating the older diesel van and converting to electric is another small step in promoting our sustainability and echoes the innovative approaches of our Victorian forbearers that built this famous funicular railway."