Lynton & Lynmouth Cliff Railway News

Classics on the Cliff Railway

Here at the Lynton & Lynmouth Cliff Railway we have a photo shoot occurring on the 29th and 30th January 2018 with Practical Classics Car magazine. As part of the photo shoot (and whilst the passenger carriages are removed for winter maintenance) we are putting a few Classic Cars onto the platform of the Cliff Railway and transporting them up the cliff. Practical Classics are writing an article about the Cliff Railway, it’s past role in transporting goods and cars and they are also showcasing the local area with a drive from Lynmouth to Porlock. The last time that cars […]

The Mystery Car on the Cliff Railway

The attached image of the ‘mystery car’ is on the platform of the Lynton and Lynmouth Cliff Railway c.1905. The car, registered A7047 was owned (we assume) by Sir George Newnes (who is sat in car next to his driver). Sir George Newnes was a key financier of the Cliff Railway and the then Chairman of the Lynton and Lynmouth Lift Company, but the model of the car is less certain. Rob Shaddick, one of the company directors, and with an interest in Classic Cars, happened to show the photo to Practical Classics Magazine whilst attending a Classic Car show […]