Classics on the Cliff Railway

Here at the Lynton & Lynmouth Cliff Railway we have a photo shoot occurring on the 29th and 30th January 2018 with Practical Classics Car magazine. As part of the photo shoot (and whilst the passenger carriages are removed for winter maintenance) we are putting a few Classic Cars onto the platform of the Cliff Railway and transporting them up the cliff. Practical Classics are writing an article about the Cliff Railway, it’s past role in transporting goods and cars and they are also showcasing the local area with a drive from Lynmouth to Porlock.

The last time that cars were transported up the cliff via the railway was in 1952 during the Lynmouth Flood Disaster as a way of getting stranded cars out of Lynmouth and back to Lynton and briefly as a one off marketing stunt in the 1960’s with an E-Type jag that was owned by a local businessman. Whilst we can no longer take the cars off at the top station, seeing Classic Cars on the lift should generate some local interest, and make for an interesting article. It’s something that hasn’t been witnessed for over 50 years!

We are due to start shooting from 11am, weather dependant, with some more modern practical classics such as Triumph Vitesse, 1968 Landrover Lightweight and Sanky trailer, Morris Minor, 1971 Citreon DS amongst others. We will be taking some cars up and down on the cliff railway, this, as you can imagine will take some time as they will need securing before the lifts are moved. We will also be loading some others onto the deck of the railway for photographs but not going up and down.

We will also be taking the cars to some other iconic locations in and around Lynton and Lynmouth, the Valley of Rocks, Rhenish Tower on the Harbour and Countisbury Hill for group and single photos. Feel free to attend, photography and filming vantage points will be the Esplanade, the Bridges and the Pavillion.