COVID secure - visiting us safely

If you have visited us before you are likely to notice some changes to the site. We are working to protect you and our staff during this time and we request that you please use our hand-sanitiser stations, observe social distancing, and as we are a public transport system then we request that you use a face covering during travel (unless exempt) we do also have face coverings available for purchase. We are accepting contactless or chip and pin card payment only. No cash payments are accepted. Our opening times and ticket availability have been temporarily changed. Please be courteous to our staff and other visitors and together we will all get through this. We have completed all COVID-19 risk assessments and we are #GoodToGo

What you can do for us

• Please do not visit us if you are experiencing any COVID symptoms

• Please use the hand-sanitisers provided at our attraction entrances

• Please wear a face covering to travel (unless exempt)

• Please use contactless / card payment only for all transactions

• Please maintain social distancing whilst on site

• Please follow our arrowed queue system for effective movement

• Please be courteous to our staff and other visitors

What we are doing for you

• We have completed a COVID-19 risk assessment for our site

• We have revised our queue system to promote social distancing

• We have provided hand-sanitiser stations for your use

• We have made face coverings and masks available for purchase

• We have provided clear arrowed signage to assist your movement

• We have provided training to our staff on how to reduce transmission risk

• We have taken all practicable and reasonable steps to keep you safe

Tickets and Travel

The single tickets are purchased immediately prior to each trip and are not based upon timetables. The Cliff Railway operates continuously and waiting times are therefore minimal. We only accept contactless or chip and pin card payments, we are not currently accepting cash. The ticket system is paperless but a receipt can be provided if requested. Children under 4 travel free. Bicycles are only permitted at quiet times or at the discretion of our ticket staff during this time.

Face coverings

The Lynton & Lynmouth Cliff Railway is considered a public transport system. We do request that visitors conitnue to wear face coverings inside the carriages to travel (unless exempt). We do have face coverings available for purchase for those requiring them. Our drivers are not required to wear face coverings and where they are doing so then this is for their personal safety choice or comfort.

Disability Access, Gradient and Slopes

Due to the restricted access and narrow Victorian carriages, wheelchairs will need to be folded. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate mobility scooters or larger wheelchairs. The carriages are 540mm wide at the narrowest point with three steps in each carriage and restricted seating at busy times. Our drivers are to maintain social distacing and are unable to offer assistance to customers or lift or load scooters or wheelchairs. Assistance Dogs are still permitted to travel for free. For groups or customers with particular requirements, and for further specific access information, please either visit our FULL ACCESSIBILITY GUIDE or do please contact us prior to your visit.

Food and Drink

The Cliff Top Cafe is situated at the Cliff Railway top station in Lynton. We are operating a takeaway service only with no inside seating. You are welcome to use the distanced outside seating and we request that you clear your own tables into the bins provided. Dogs are also welcome. The Cliff Top Cafe does not currently have a WC available.

Groups & Bubbles

Visiting groups and visitors from different households are now permitted to travel together, we will however, make reasonable adjustments to maintain visitor comfort at busy times. We are currently accepting advanced bookings or ticket sales for travel tour groups. We will require pre-payment over the phone by card (preferred) or by bacs prior to your group tour visit.

Public Toilets

The Victorians didn't provide us with on site public toilets. The closest are situated in Bottom Meadow Car Park, by the Town Hall in Lynton, The Memorial Hall, Lyndale Car Park in Lynmouth & also opposite the cricket field at the Valley of Rocks. The Cliff Top Cafe is currently a takeaway service only with no WC facilities.

Pushchairs and Cycles

Due to the narrow Victorian carriages we ask that pushchairs are folded. Folded pushchairs are free. If pushchairs are unfolded for travel on the railway then an additional charge is made for their transport. Pushchairs can be left and stored if required. We regret that cycles will only be permitted during quiet times or at the discretion of our ticket staff.

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