Landslip Closes Railway – Company Statement

Company Statement Dated: April 2nd 2018

The Lynton & Lynmouth Cliff Railway has unfortunately been closed due to a small landslip of earth and rock debris onto the tracks of the railway. This occurred outside of the operating hours of the railway and there has been no injuries to passengers, visitors or staff. No damage to the carriages of the Cliff Railway has occurred.

The landslip is thought to have been a result of the combined recent very wet conditions and freezing easterly wind conditions which has created an unstable section of banking near the middle bridge section of the track. This landslip could not be foreseen.

The company has already engaged rope access specialists and contractors to work alongside the Cliff Railway engineers to assess the situation and to undertake the necessary works to remove the debris and re-stabilize this section of bank. The railway will reopen when all safety checks to operational systems and track examinations have been completed.

The company apologies for the inconvenience caused to the local community and visitors but takes safety very seriously. The company will continue to release regular updates through their social media and website channels but is unable to provide a timescale for re-opening until further investigation has been completed.

Lynmouth and Lynton Lift Co.