Cliff Railway inspires model student

Following a recent visit to Lynton and Lynmouth, Year 6 student, Louis, from St Michaels Prep School in Kent was inspired to make a fully working scale model of the Lynton & Lynmouth Cliff Railway.

The St Michael’s Homework Challenge had asked the children to choose a British inventor or invention and create something to show what they had achieved and how. Following his families recent half-term visit to Lynton and Lynmouth, where they had all travelled on the water powered Cliff Railway, Louis chose the “Victorious Victorians” as his homework challenge and set about building his very own working scale model of the famous Victorian Cliff Railway.

Louis recreated the two carriages and the rope running around the top wheel. The research for his model included visiting the Cliff Top Café and viewing the photographs documenting the building of the railway. Louis’ replica model even works, using a clever clay ballast, rather than water, to power his model and lift the bottom car up the track. 

Head Teacher, Jill Aisher was so impressed with Louis’ model that she put a photograph of it on Twitter where it was noticed by Bob Shaddick, the marketing Director of the Lynton & Lynmouth Cliff Railway, and direct descendant of Bob Jones, the Victorian builder of the railway.

Bob said: ‘I was so impressed with Louis’ model that we just had to share it with our followers, it’s fantastic that an invention, built by my great great grandfather in 1890 is still inspiring new generations of visitors, well done Louis’

The Cliff Railway have sent Louis and his class complimentary souvenir booklets and a collection of photographic postcards documenting the history of the Victorian Cliff Railway to assist with their Victorious Victorians homework challenge.

The Lynton and Lynmouth Cliff Railway would like to genuinely thank Louis for his creativity and St Michaels Prep School, for celebrating our past inventors, and inspiring young engineers like Louis.